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Madonna Yousry

Business Development Manager / Shift performance

''Being partners with Edupoles we directly participated in the development of the system by sharing best practices from a training business perspective, Edupoles helped us promote the online learning in Egypt and the MEA region by converting all our library to online or blended learning''


Edupoles offers customized LMS, E-Learning Environment and Online Courses Library to its customers

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Manage the training operations, organize, track and distribute all courses and trainings among company employees. Get detailed reports and analytics, and dashboard to have full insights of the overall company learning performance.

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Enable students to study their academic courses online from anywhere at anytime and have the privilege of revisiting the content.
Academic staff and professors has the access rights to upload and add the academic courses content to the platform.

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Enables institutes that teaches arts and design works to let their members keep up with the learning material like fashion designing institutes, art institutes, music institutes.. and many more.

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