Edupoles Platform

Multifunctional learning platform to manage training operations, add personalized content and track users performance

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Blended Learning Experience

Mix E-learning with instructor led training either in a classroom or via videoconferencing


Allows the online delivery of training on Edupoles in a multimedia format


Manager the classroom training operations by adding the training details to the assigned users

Video conferencing

Enjoy a time/cost efficient solution for conducting meetings through Integrated video conference tool.

Knowledge Transfer

Create your own personalized content or buy and consume from a wide range of offered course from Edupoles course marketplace


Automate admin tasks and add users to groups and organize your learning tree in structured table of areas, track and modules


Edupoles allows you create your own personalized courses with a cool content management interface, build a learning path and bundle group of courses in a program.


Using Edupoles built in assessment engine you can create quizzes and assessment to evaluate what people learned to ensure that knowledge is properly delivered.


The user can surf between various courses offered on course marketplace and request enrollment, further the administrator can have the right to approve or consider in developing the learning plan.


Issue a custom branded certificate of completion after users meet the requirements of each course according to the predefined criteria

Administrate Your Entire Operations

Keep control over your training operations and data! Stay always ahead of the curve!


Organize training plan with courses delivery dates including expiry dates, and open courses for a certain timeframe to control users access to courses or programs. Users can view the yearly training plan in their personal calendar on Edupoles


Use different access permissions-types to determine the level of access users have to your organization's data and control their role to the system.


Support Communication between learners and experts and Peer/expert communication through Discussion forums on each courses.


Track users progress to the assigned courses and generate reports with scores and monitor learning behavior in your organization.

Customize your experience

Get a full personalized experience for your system

Custom Branding

White-label your system by adding your logo, color scheme to convey your own identity.


Edupoles comes with a unique subdomain or each training portal. You can further white-label it by mapping a URL of your own.

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